Vox Diaspora 5-Word Challenge

Every week some mashugana mensch on the VOX Diaspora page tries to come up with a 5-word challenge. Although the competition is never acrimonious, it can be challenging (you need to work those five words into your post, which may be of any writing style) and when disagreements arise over which post is the “best,” the rancor of certain users may be bitter indeed. Times like that, I just wish I had a doppelganger to do my writin’ for me. That way I could come up with some way to work “onomatopoeia” in to a sentence without yellin’ “bbbrrrrr bbbrrrrrr” and wavin’ my arms around…


~ by ravenjake on October 15, 2010.

One Response to “Vox Diaspora 5-Word Challenge”

  1. Great job!

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