Closing the Hi-Desert Nature Museum?

Folks, stuff comes across my digital desk all the time and this is one that I had to pass along to y’all. If the city of Yucca Valley seriously thinks that tearing down the Hi-Desert Museum to build a sports stadium is going to help their financial woes, then they need some medication to help with their delusions. This was the message I got, and if you’re a local, please block out some time to attend the meeting on Oct. 13 and tell me what you think:

Hi all…
I urge all of you to attend a special meeting:
Date: Wednesday October 13, 2010
Time: 3:00 pm
Subject: The future of the Hi-Desert Nature Museum

The Town of Yucca Valley has an interest in removing the Hi-Desert Nature Museum from the city budget. We are asking people who use this museum, support this museum and consider this museum an important contributor to the community to attend this meeting so we can organize and work on a comprehensive plan to present to the city council to tell them that this proposed budget cut is unacceptable.

FOLKS, the museum is in serious jeopardy, and if you don’t want to see your museum dismantled I urge you to attend this meeting to get the facts.

The Hi-Desert Nature Museum is an important partner in the mainstream of our community. It is a destination spot for many tourist and a place to enjoy an afternoon of  “FREE” educational programs with your kids. It would be disgraceful as a community to lose this.

Please plan on attending

Now here’s what the candidates for Town Council have to say about it (quoted from the Hi-Desert Star):

Chad Mayes
The Hi-Desert Nature Museum: “There’s no question that the museum is an asset. The question is, in these difficult economic times, can the town continue to afford to for the museum. This year it was budgeted at $250,000. It’s a regional asset and the county, the college and others can help fund it if it can’t be transitioned to a private sector non-profit.”

Lori Herbel
The Hi-Desert Nature Museum: “In 2009 it had 36,000 visitors, 20 community events, eight exhibits and seven cultural partnerships. The 2007 Parks Master Plan Update called it the guardian of our history, our culture, our heritage and the natural wonders of our area. We should keep our museum.”

Dawn Rowe

The Hi-Desert Nature Museum: “I do not think that our town can continue to sustain the almost $300,000 a year that goes toward the museum’s operating expenses. We looked at cutting public safety this year, and I don’t think there should be any cuts in public safety over something like that.”

Isaac Hagerman
The Hi-Desert Nature Museum: “I think the museum can phase into the nonprofit sector. As a private nonprofit, it could be more than it is today.”

Jeffrey Dufour

The Hi-Desert Nature Museum: “It’s one of those things we need to keep our money invested in.”


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