Work Projects Administration Posters

Visit the National Parks Well, as I wrote in my tree octopus post, I love those old WPA posters and wanted to learn a little more about them. Apparently there are about 2,000 of them left and 900 are in the Library of Congress. They're in the public domain, so you can get reproductions most anyplace. The posters depict various programs and projects sponsored by the government: health and safety programs, cultural programs including art exhibitions and theatrical and musical performances, travel and tourism, educational programs, and community activities and were created from 1936-1943. My faves are the national parks posters, but there's much to commend the others too. The one over here to the left was created by Harry Herzog, but most of the artists have been lost to time. There have also been some excellent comtemporary posters inspired by the originals from c. 1938 (like the tree octopus) but the ones posted here are old school.





Yellowstone LoC




~ by ravenjake on October 3, 2010.

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