Syphilis & Theaters

Syphilis Now y’all probably thought I was kidding about WPA posters warning about the spread of syphilis and promoting plays, but here’s the proof. Now since the Apatosaurus wasn’t a mammal, I don’t rightly see how it had anything to do with suffering from untreated tertiary syphilis, nor were you likely to be having conjugal relations with one even way back in 1940. “Haiti” actually referred to William Du Bois’ reimagining of Shakespeare’s “Othello.” And I gotta say, “Leave poor Haiti out of it!” That little country has enough problems – what with the uprisings, dictatorships, colonial exploitation – not to mention earthquakes and zombies – that it doesn’t need to be in the center of love triangles and court intrigue.  All that said, readers, if you’ve got syphilis or any other STD, please get treated. I also advocate support of the dramatic arts. Maybe it’s time for some new posters.Haiti 

~ by ravenjake on October 3, 2010.

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