Raven Jake’s Pumpkins

Raven Jake's Pumpkin It’s a little known fact that I love to garden. I get to plantin’ stuff and then I start callin’ whatever comes up, my “green kids.” Now, much of this past growing season I have been fighting a gopher jihad. They got the tomatoes and the beans. I’m pretty sure I took some of them out too. Today the last and biggest of the four pumpkins got harvested.

I always feel better growing my own vegetables for food and entertainment and I also feel better knowing where it came from. These “Wyatt’s Wonder” pumpkin seeds came from Renee’s Garden. Not Monsanto. Really, avoid that company – it’s bad for the planet. Here’s a link to tell you how.

The Wyatt’s didn’t grow to 75-100 lbs, but were pretty impressive none the less. Next year, I’m going to start planting earlier!


~ by ravenjake on October 3, 2010.

One Response to “Raven Jake’s Pumpkins”

  1. what a funny shot!

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