Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus!

Tree_octopus_wpa_poster The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus is a shy, misunderstood and seldom-seen critter from Washington State that lives out at least part of it's lifespan in the coniferous temperate rain forest. I've been sproutin' them in a paper towel on top of the fridge, and now I've got an aquarium full of pups lookin' for a good home. They're endangered, y'all, so take good care of 'em and don't shoot your mouth off to the "authorities." Rangers are s'posed to destroy any that they find, since they can't just turn 'em back loose in the wild.   

Well, that's what a jokester named Lyle Zapato came up with in 1998, and ever since it's been used as a test to see how gulible folks can be when it comes to stuff they see on the internet. Now I took an interest 'cause I've been lookin' at the old Works Progress Administration [WPA] posters Wild_life_2 from around 1938. I love that festive federalist graphic style and I'll probably just end up posting up a bunch of them for everyone to see. Good graphics are good graphics. Quite frankly, given my love of octopi and other cephalopods (Jane and I even have matching octopus tattoos from our engagement, but don't go spreading that around) I'd be the first one to propose a no-logging zone to protect Tree Octopus habitat. Alas, not the case: but check out the cool graphics – the octopus is a clear lift, well, no, let's call it a "homage" of the "real" poster made by J. Hirt c. 1938. And if you still want a Tree Octopus pup, gimme a call and we'll arange for a payment/drop-off schedule that'll work with your budget.


~ by ravenjake on October 2, 2010.

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