Murder and Mayhem at the Mission

Lunch at the Mission Folks, I don't get invited to stuff half often enough. That's a hint y'all. Christine Fredrickson over at the San Gabriel Mission invited us to see Paul Spitzzeri (below) of the Homestead Museum give a talk on "Murder and Mayhem at the San Gabriel Mission." Well, it  was great, and he dragged out all the usual suspects, lined 'em up, shot 'em and went back for more.

He's also a Michael White fan, and anyone who's down with Miguel Blanco is down with me. The San Gabriel Mission is sponsoring "Museum Days" on the first Saturday of the month, so maybe I will bePaul Spitzzeri  getting out more after all. Now after all the talkin' was done (Veronica Guttierez-Sermino spoke on the subject of Spanish-Native wills in New Spain c. 1595), it was time for lunch (sponsored by the Johnathan Heritage Foundation) and I got a great surprise. Great lunch too – thanks to the folks at the Del Mar cafe -  but the ladies we sat with, Helen and Tina Salazar, are Dona Eulalia relatives and we had a wonderful family chat with nopales and homemade tortillas. Is there a better way to spend the afternoon? Nah, I don't think so either. Here I am with Helen and Tina Salazar who, by the way, went to a family reunion this summer – I'm on a not-secret-at-all mission to get all the Michael White relatives together again – so if that's you, say it loud and say it proud!

Jake Helen and Tina 


~ by ravenjake on October 2, 2010.

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