More Flying Saucers and Desert Art

Raven Jake w Giant RockDoin' some more painting – I might be on a roll!

Now the sad truth is that Jane hauled this painting outta the trash – well the canvas and frame that became the painting. It was crying out for a do-over, and that's what it got.

The photo actually looks better than the painting did. Sorry, Alice, if indeed that is your real name, I hope your second painting was better than your first. I was lookin' at it, lookin at my "What Would Banksy Do?" bracelet, and the idea just kinda hit me – desert art can always be improved with an Before Painting element of surprise to break up the landscape a little bit. What's more surprisin': a flying saucer or a yucca? 

Exactly! I liked the color scheme alright, with the nice sunrise feel, but the rest just had to go. Now, our friend Barbara Harris is running for the president of the Morongo Basin Historical Society tomorrow, and we figured she could use a little encouragement. So Barb, this one's for you!

Painting for Barbara Harris

Barb is one of the world's foremost authorities on Giant Rock, the world's largest free-standing monolith and sacred site to the Chemehuevi Tribe, and it's a subject I've always wanted to paint, so it seemed like a natural. Plus – all through the '50s-'70s, George Van Tassel, inventor of the Integratron, held flying saucer conventions out at Giant Rock in Landers, CA. This painting is where they all come together. Best of luck to a great lady and a great friend. We're behind you all the way, Barb!

Barbara Harris at Giant Rock 
Here's Barb out at Giant Rock last Christmas while we were out off-roading with her and her husband, Rob. Gives you a sense of scale – that rock's huge! 


~ by ravenjake on September 25, 2010.

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