Feathered Fireworks by Simon the Hen

Feathered Fireworks by Simon Shout out to Wendy Thomas and her chicken Simon for coming up with a great way to earn some money towards a new playground. It's one of those "crazy enough to work" ideas – she and Simon were entertaining some kids last summer when Simon created a painting with her feet and some acrylic paint (don't worry, it was all done very safely and humanely and Simon wasn't traumatized). Wendy called the painting "Feathered Fireworks" and is offering it for sale on Ebay. The proceeds are going to Kid's Kove Rebuild, through the local Rotary Club, who built the original playground 20 years ago. Bidding starts at $9.99, and though it's unlikely that "Feathered Fireworks" will fund the whole project, it does support a good cause – namely rebuilding a dilapidated playground for the kids of  Merrimack, New Hampshire. Wendy's got a neat little blog called "Simple Thrift – Creative Living on Less," and I think that's a notion we should all get behind, even if that doesn't involve using a chicken as a paintbrush. Good luck Wendy! Here's the link to "Simple Thrift" (I haven't been able to find a link to the purported auction, so folks please pass on that info if you're search turns it up and you ain't bidding)


 SimonAlright… got an update! Here's Simon, who looks to be a Polish mix (much like my own self) and the painting is now listed on Ebay and pickin' up some steam. The current high bid (out of 51) is  $400 and there's still a week to go. So folks, if you've got it, dig deep.



Final verdict: "Feathered Fireworks" attracted 65 bids and went for $550 – not enough for the rebuild on the playground, but a step in the right direction for sure. Keep up the creativity, Wendy and Simon!



~ by ravenjake on September 16, 2010.

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