Tahoe Tom’s Cabin

Y'all might remember our friend

Tom Ver Hoef aka the Wizard of Tacopa. What isn't widely known about Tom is that Tacopa is but one of his residences. So when he invited us up for a visit at his cabin at an undisclosed lake somewhere in the vicinity of Lake Tahoe, we went for it.

Now Tom didn't come up with the pledge of silence –

there are a number of other cabin owners up there who like their privacy, and who can blame them? So it's like Fight Club – you just don't talk about it. And not talkin' about it does nothing to

diminish the enjoyment of Lake Undisclosed.

Tom's Golden Retrievers, Sam and Pip, were in the water every chance they got and the weather was darned near perfect. So it was easy to spend a few days just chilling out, with some strollin' and canoeing to liven things up. Oh – Asclepias is the technical term for "Swamp Milkweed," for you butterfliers out there. 

























~ by ravenjake on August 20, 2010.

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