They gave him 10 for 2

All my recent Yoko-ing made me think about John Sinclair, a poet and activist who (after a series of possession arrests) was sentenced to 10 years for giving 2 joints to an undercover officer. This all happened 40 years ago and the sentence was considered pretty extreme even then, but what he was really put away for was using his first amendment rights to protest the war and support the Black Panthers in Detroit. He served two years, then John and Yoko and a load of other people joined in Ann Arbor for the "Free John Now Rally." Three days later, the Michigan State Supreme Court ruled that the state's marijuana laws were unconstitutional and he got out. I have no idea how he feels about reefer now, but he's managed to stay out of jail for the last 4 decades. Now I suppose if there is a moral to all of this history it is this: If you see an injustice being committed, lift your voice. I bet the Michigan State Supreme Court couldn't get this damn ditty out of their heads either.

John Lennon’s John Sinclair Song

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~ by ravenjake on June 22, 2010.

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