The L.A. Police Historical Society Museum

Folks, last Sunday I went to jail. Not "real" jail, although of course it used to be a real jail – one of several identical ones in the greater Los Angeles area. This one's the last one standing. Now it's the Los Angeles Police Historical Society Museum, and I gotta say it offers one of the more unique museum experiences around.

I'll be honest, the place gives me the willies, and I might not have gone at all, but for the fact that it was the Museums of the Arroyo Seco Day. Now I'm looking forward to their upcoming Patty Hearst exhibit. Sure is a good place for photo ops and taking a cop-obsessed kid (or one you need to scare straight.) I also did not know that the LAPD was the first police force in the nation to hire a female officer, and there's plenty else to learn, so the next time I'm over there, I'm takin' a formal tour.




























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~ by ravenjake on May 20, 2010.

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