The Cat Fancier’s Association Show

Now folks, it wasn't my idea to go to the Cat Fancier's Association show, but we were drivin' past and Jane had never been to one o' these do's before. I actually have, but in a professional capacity.

We lost our Mojo a couple of months back, and we aren't ready to break in a new one yet, but it's always nice to see what else is happening out there. The Cat Fancier's Association is poised for action on that front. They know all there is to know about 'em.

Now I was expecting more action like the weary lookin' Himalayan with the cigar, but really, he was more the exception than the rule. The judges were moving with superhuman speed and the average cat was more like young Pepsi, the Japanese Bobtail, aka Windchimes Worth Waiting For. He's trying to get enough points to bump him up to the next level of competition, so that when he can start breeding in a few months it'll be worth flying "girlfriends" out to meet him. Pepsi enjoys meeting new people, his hammock, and mylar-and-feather wands. He also won "Best of Breed," so look out!

Now I've never owned a pure-blood cat before, and I'm not likely to start anytime soon. All my cats have just shown up when the time is right. I kinda favor breeds that are self-sufficient and don't wake up too early. It's a bonus when they aren't all furniture shredd-y or have a propensity for spraying (I consider that "irreconcilable differences.") So I'll leave the technical stuff to the CFA 











~ by ravenjake on April 24, 2010.

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