Robert Culp Memorial

Folks, it was busy weekend, and Raven Jake is still recovering! Well, no – not like what you're thinkin'. Robert Culp was a family friend and I was awful sorry when I got that call. On March 24, Bob was headin' out for his morning walk (he had one every day) when he had a massive heart attack and bonked his head a good one on the way down. He was meeting a couple of his sons for lunch and a movie later that afternoon and when he didn't show up, they went lookin'.

It was a good way to go out – he was in fine health for a man his age and had a mighty quick wit - but I regret his loss deeply, and feel mighty sorry for those he left behind, including my friend Josh (his son), Josh's wife Nancy, and their son Morgan. There's never a good time to lose a loved one and when it is so sudden, there ain't no time to say goodbye. At least Bob knew he was loved and had his family around him.

There was a memorial service for Bob Culp at the Egyptian Theater on Saturday and I'm glad I went. It wasn't a bit sad (although I shed a few all the same) as family and friends remembered happier days. Bill Cosby, his co-star from I-Spy, even stopped his current project to send a video eulogy. And so, a bittersweet farewell to Robert Culp, and my deepest sympathy to those he left behind.

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~ by ravenjake on April 14, 2010.

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