San Marino School Board Meeting

Dr Jeng Yen
Karen Preston
Chris Norgaard
C. Joseph Chang

Folks, I'm going to have to send a shout out to the San Marino School District's Board of Education. They were very receptive and supportive of the work that the Friends of the Michael White Adobe task force has been doing over the last three months, and while they've refused to take demolition off the table, they have put it firmly on the sidelines. And they granted another stay of execution.

Now we're gettin' somewhere. We're talkin'. Karen Preston even bought "California All the Way Back to 1828" on EBay, and that's put us a damn sight further down the trail than we were in October.

Now the board has their hands full with a bunch of problems that aren't related to the Michael White Adobe – they've had about $5 million cut from their budget, and a third of their teachers have been put on notice that they might not have a job in September. So it ain't like being a board member is all about PTSA luncheons and tearing down old buildings – they've got a hard row to hoe too, and I don't envy them one bit.

But savin' the San Marino School District ain't my business and savin' the Michael White Adobe is, and that's why the school board is in my good books – they're getting behind the project. First off, the next board presentation in in August – six months away, and you know a lot can happen in half a year. Second, everybody, inluding newcomer Nam Jack, recognized that finding a way to accomodate the building was a consideration – like I said, we're coming along and I'm feeling optimistic – I think we can reach a solution where everybody wins.

So kudos to the board – Dr. Jeng Yen, Karen Preston, Chris Norgaard, C. Joseph Chang and Nam Jack, for giving the adobe another chance.

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~ by ravenjake on March 3, 2010.

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