Map of L.A. County’s Adobes

Sometimes making a map can help you visualize the interconnectedness of stuff. Like the remaining adobe buildings in LA County and which ones are private residences, which ones are open to the public, and where they are. The Michael White Adobe (Casa Miguel Blanco) is the red one, the missions are yellow, the ones that are available to the public at least some of the time are green, and all the others are blue. 

Map of LA County’s Adobes

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~ by ravenjake on February 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “Map of L.A. County’s Adobes”

  1. Oh I've got no problem with private ownership of the buildings and I sure don't think that they should have to be available to lookie-loos. I think it's great that they exist and that someone is looking out for them. It's just that in the effort to preserve the authentic buildings, 43 sounds like a pretty big number but it isn't really – the "real" number of adobes available for study is much lower and so preservation of the remaining buildings needs to be a priority.

  2. Thanks, Jake. Perhaps we will get out there sometime next year to see. We have relatives who will temporarily be Californians.

  3. Cool.

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