Gypsy Camp IV

Folks, it's always nice to get out and hear some live music, so Saturday we went down to the Theater of Work warehouse  under the 6th street bridge for a nice do-it-yourself music festival. Gypsy Camp IV, organized by promoter extraordinaire Flip Cassidy was originally supposed to be held in El Escorpian Park, but the forecast of rain made a change of venue necessary. All for the best, I say. Flip got quite a line-up going: We got

there just as Kristi Michele was finishing up her set and our friend Chris Caplan, aka Delta, the Troubadour, was going on. Some

terrific acts followed including accordionist Mark Growden (no really, you've got to see him) and my new favorite pirate band, the Pirates Charles. More Gypsy Camps are coming up as the weather gets warmer, so I'll keep y' all apprised.




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~ by ravenjake on February 22, 2010.

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  1. Good post.

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