Mrs Laura Fair, San Francisco Murderess

Mrs Fair vs Mr Crittenden

I couldn't get this article to embed correctly, but it is a hoot and a half:

The most surprising thing about it was the verdict: after plugging Mr Crittenden and being found guilty, this nut got acquitted with the words "Mrs Laura Fair is a very remarkable woman – very remarkable people are becoming scarce, therefore it would be a pity to hang Mrs. Fair."

This site gives a blow-by-blow of both trials. If you thought wacky celebrity show trials started with Geraldo Rivera-style reporting, think again.

Associating with people like this cannot have raised Michael White's estimation of Americans. Here's the crazy wife of the lawyer who ripped him off in 1849, who shoots her lover in 1871 – and that guy is the person White sold half his land grant to in 1853. What a bizarre six-degrees-of-separation to be party to! And here's another mystery: most newspaper accounts list Mrs Fair's victim as "A.P. Crittenden," not "Charles Crittenden." Do we have another case of mistaken identity, or just a nickname?



~ by ravenjake on February 9, 2010.

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