Michael White Research Challenge

Attention librarians and family members, you hard-core Michael White researchers:




Researchers, we’ve got a problem reference. In Glen Dawson’s 1956 notes, he gives his reference: (Guinn, J. M., A History of California and an Extended History of its Southern Coast Counties, Los Angeles, 1907, v. II, p. 2149.)


Trouble is, that doesn’t exist. Now I’m not saying he made it up, it’s just cited wrong. Michael White is listed in the index of volume I as page 2148, but there are only 1104 pages in the whole 2-volume set (which was supposed to be “complete in two volumes,”) so where are the other 1044 pages and the Michael White entry? There is no listing for Michael White in the volume II index, nor does he appear in the text. Now there is a volume III, which is numbered completely differently – might there be a volume IV?


So I’ve got another Michael White research challenge – has anybody seen this reference? Apparently in it is an account of him killing someone named Chief Coyote, which is worth the price of admission right there, as well as more detailed info on his descendants.

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~ by ravenjake on January 4, 2010.

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