The Amargosa Opera House

A few days ago, I posted about goin’ to the Amargosa Opera House to see Sandy Scheller’s solo piece “If These Walls Could Talk,” inspired by Marta Becket’s paintings and performance. The premise is that Marta’s paintings come to life and dance out their stories so you have a world peopled with generous kings, jealous gypsies, territorial cats, earnest clowns and the whole shebang. I don’t want to give it away,

and now that I’ve met Sandy, I’ll bet she switches it up every so often simply to amuse herself. She’s driving up from Las Vegas every weekend, and could use some amusing. Sandy don’t get a day off. Just know that if you’re ever miles from anywhere in the middle of the desert, you can still see a good show, have a meal (if you act quickly) and stay in a truly unique hotel – ’cause Marta didn’t stop painting when she finished the opera house.

Now on our trip out to Death Valley Junction, we had Tecopa Tom’s dog, Sam, along for the ride (pictured in the photo – Sam, Chris Caplan, Tecopa Tom, and Raven Jake). Sam had a great time but didn’t get to go into the hotel or opera house, which suited him fine, but make

sure you call first for the dog storage policy because

you don’t want to leave your pup in the car on a hot day – which this was not. 

There’s something about Death Valley Juction that really represents what I consider one of the better aspects of humanity – the do-it-yourself, humorous, non-corporate, art-for-art’s sake vibe that

surely came in with Marta and not the Pacific Coast Borax Company. It also boasts some stark and lovely scenery and makes for a very nice roadtrip.



If These Walls Could Talk Promo Video


~ by ravenjake on January 2, 2010.

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