Michael White Decendents

Shout out to the descendents of Eulalia Perez de Guillen – Celeste Valverde (who is also a Michael White descendent), David Chambers and the rest of you guys who have voiced your support for saving the Michael White Adobe. I hope that these posts enhance your knowledge base about the life and times of your forbearers and maybe even get you in touch with some of your folk.


In 1877, Michael White made this simple statement to Thomas Savage: “I believe I have had 13 [children] of whom nine are living.


He assumed that the kids he had with Rosario were all the ones he needed to account for, but the “I believe” part does kind of nod at the “girl in every port” period of his early life. Since no one has come forward to contradict his 13/9 count in the last 133 years, let’s just assume that we need only concern ourselves with nine descendents from that line.


In Glen Dawson’s notes from the 1956 edition, he wrote: This apparently in answer to a question as to the number of his children. Eight children were living in 1907:

  1. Michael
  2. James
  3. Jennie (Mrs. Andre Courtney)
  4. Sarah (Mrs. Ygnacio Alvarado)
  5. Frances (Mrs. Joseph Heslop of Pasadena)
  6. Alvira (Mrs. Louis Marshall)
  7. Jane (Mrs. Luis Capevielle)
  8. Esther (Mrs. Castillion)


And he gave as his reference: (Guinn, J. M., A History of California and an Extended History of its Southern Coast Counties, Los Angeles, 1907, v. II, p. 2149.)


Dawson continued: Another son, Joseph, was the one murdered at El Monte prior to White's dictation.


On September 6, 1954, I [Dawson] interviewed Mrs. Florinda Plaisance at her home at 137 North Parkwood Ave., Pasadena. She is a granddaughter of Michael White, a daughter of Frances White Heslop. Being then 89 years old she was, as a child and young lady, a frequent visitor to her grandfather, Michael White, both when he was in San Marino and in Los Angeles.


She lives with her sister, Julia Heslop de la Guerra. There are no living children of Michael White, but a number of grandchildren and great grandchildren. Mrs. Plaisance is in possession of a fine portrait of her grandmother, Mrs. Michael White. Guinn gives the date of the death of Mrs. White as 1892. Records of Mrs. de la Guerra give the date

as January 26, 1895.


Pictured at right: Eulalia Perez de Guillen’s grandson David de la Ossa and his wife Louisa Henninger in the late 1890s (donated to the San Gabriel Mission  by descendant James Aguirre)


Raven Jake’s challenge to the White-Perez clan: Can you name the missing kids and account for the whereabouts, dates etc. of the others? And does anybody know what happened to the portrait of Rosario that was passed through the Heslop-Plaisance line?

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One Response to “Michael White Decendents”

  1. Hello Michael White Descendents (sic),
    I'm a descendent of Alferez Macedonio "Hercules" Gonzalez, first cousin of Michael White's wife, dona Maria del Rosario Guillen.

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