La Casa Vieja de Lopez

Folks, there’s just no agreement about the history of this adobe. I took a shine to it 1-because it’s an old adobe, and 2-because Dona Eulalia lived there, but all the information on it is contradictory.


So, it was built in 1792 OR it was built in 1806


It’s called the Lopez de Lowther Adobe EXCEPT that Maria de Lopez de Lowther (1881-1977) called it La Casa Vieja de Lopez. It was her house, and she restored it, so I figure she’s got the right to call it what she wants.


Here’s some more stuff: This adobe was built in about 1792 by Jose Maria Claudio Lopez, Majordomo of Mission San Gabriel [yep, THAT Claudio Lopez – the one who built the old mill and everything]. And the house stayed in the family. It next went to Maria Carrillos (Maria Ygnacia Lopéz), a niece. According to a family genealogy site, “Claudio may have established a close relationship with his niece after her father's death (Juan Francisco Lopez) when she was age seven. It is possible that the Joaquin and Maria Carrillo family lived in or near here during their stay at San Gabriel, c.1819-1823.”


Dona Eulalia and Juan Mariné entered their marriage of convenience in 1832, got the land grant to Rancho San Pasqual in 1834, and then Mariné died in 1838. Through all those years, Eulalia chose to live in this adobe next to the mission. One of Eulalia’s daughters married Oro Lopez, one of Claudio’s sons, so this little adobe really was a “granny shack.”


Dona Eulalia died on June 8, 1878 at the Miguel Blanco adobe up the street, which had been her primary residence for at least a few years before, although she did spread her love around to the various relatives over the years.


Nowadays, the folks at the mission refer to it as “Dona Eulalia’s house,” and I didn’t get a straight answer about whether it’s privately owned by the Lopez family or by the mission. In past years the adobe had been used to display a doll collection and the memorabilia of the Lopez family, but these days it’s closed to the public.

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