Raven Jake at the Hi-Desert Museum Feb. 3

I'll be givin' a little talk about how Raven Jake came to be for the Hi-Desert Museum's First Wednesdays program in February. Don't worry – it's not gonna be all technical, just tellin' some stories about the desert and some of the adventures we've had, so come on by and support the museum and the Morongo Basin Historical Society! 


Raven Jake Dawes: A Man, a Vision, a Blog.


Did you know that:

  • The superintendent of the San Marino school district keeps a grizzly bear in his office?
  • The man who built California’s first boat was a pirate?
  • An attractive red-headed beetle, Lytta magister, secretes blister-forming blood from its joints?
  • The majestic Joshua Tree is a giant lily?
  • Johnny Lang’s skull has gone missing?


These topics and many others will be addressed by Jeryd and Jane Pojawa at the Hi-Desert Museum First Wednesday program on February 3rd, as they discuss the creation and evolution of “Raven Jake Dawes, Desert Rat,” and his exploits.


Two years ago, Jeryd and Jane Pojawa created a character, Raven Jake Dawes, as an online persona for Jeryd’s poetry, photography and travel. Raven Jake’s forum was the Internet, his medium, a blog. It was, in essence, a digital scrapbook to be shared with the world. Since then, Raven Jake has attracted several thousand fans and been called to hundreds of adventures, from identifying unusual bugs to saving a 150-year-old adobe from the bulldozer.  


If you’re ever wanted to meet the owner of an abandoned gold mine, encountered a banded alder borer, played the dijereedoo at the Integratron, dug for rare salt crystals in Trona, eaten a piece of Alien Fresh Jerky, wondered about the history of a weird old building, or are an ornery desert rat, Raven Jake is your kind of guy.


If you’ve ever wondered about how to share your stories with the world, are curious about blogging, and don’t have an operating budget, Raven Jake might give you some inspiration.


Jane Pojawa serves as the secretary for Cabot’s Pueblo Museum Foundation in Desert Hot Springs. Her extensive research into the extraordinary life of Cabot Yerxa has made for some fascinating discoveries about one of the Coachella Valley’s earliest pioneers. Jeryd Pojawa, aka Raven Jake, is a two-time Academy Award winner for motion picture special effects productions and is an inveterate desert rat and raconteur.


This informal presentation will be held at the Hi-Desert Nature Museum

February 3, 2010

$5 Donation

57090 29 Palms Highway

Yucca Valley, CA 92284


Adventure awaits – and it might be much stranger (and cheaper) than you think. No computer experience necessary!


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