Alien Fresh Jerky

I was travelin' around Death Valley last week (more on that later) and felt moved to send a shout out to Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker, California. Now the Alien Jerky stand has been there a while – you've probably seen the signs on your way out to Las Vegas – but it's really come up in recent years.  

Luis and Martin Ramallo have really hit on a niche market – this wacky souvenir stand dedicated to all things alien (generally of the "Grey" variety) and shoppers can select T-shirts, olives, honey, an astonishing

variety of hot sauces, and, of course, any kind of jerky you can think of.

There's a mechanical alien fortune teller who sounds a lot like Yoda, some actual serious UFO/alien books and DVDs, a

certain amount of science, and a lot of humor.

I don't know if the aliens are making jerky out of the cattle they mutilate, but it's real good, so stay the course, I reckon. Prices are a little steep, but in keeping with the area, and selection is great.

The actual town of Baker is pretty much a truck stop – the last outpost to get a meal or a tank of gas one your way to Las Vegas or Death Valley or Area 51. It also boasts the world's tallest thermometer and the Mad Greek restaurant.

Alien Fresh Jerky is well worth a look around, especially for alien-related impulse buys. 

72242 Baker Blvd., Baker CA 92309. 760) 733-4180

Alien Fresh Jerky


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~ by ravenjake on December 18, 2009.

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