Stay of Execution for Casa de Miguel Blanco

Folks, I am delighted to announce that the hangman ain't coming for Miguel Blanco just yet. At the San Marino Board of Education meeting last night, people were coming out of the woodwork to support the Michael White Adobe, and in a future post I'm going to be naming some heroes.

The news ain't all good – the board of education, and yes, I'm going to keep naming names, Jeannie Caldwell, Jeng Yen, C. Joseph Chang, Chris Norgaard, along with student member Carlee Beckler all voted unanimously to approve the environmental impact report. But they also granted a three-month stay of execution, so you won't see Raven Jake standing in front of a bulldozer at least until February.

In the meantime, it is imperative that we get some citizen action going, raise some money, come up with a plan. From what I saw last night, it looks like we still have a hell of a fight ahead.

But we got three months, and a lot can happen in three months. Maybe I can even post something that ain't related to my belated amigo, Miguel Blanco. 

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~ by ravenjake on October 28, 2009.

10 Responses to “Stay of Execution for Casa de Miguel Blanco”

  1. Haven't heard much about this character except what I've read third party sources. May you have Julia Butterfly's good fortune should you stand in front of bulldozers. Cheers.

  2. Congratulations. It's obvious you have been hard at work on this.

  3. Thanks a hatfull, Emmi! Although we didn't beat 'em, we kept them from having their way. They have their students welfare at heart but they are shortsighted, so I guess I have to see that they get a guide dog… WOOF!

  4. Thanks, we have. I like your sight site, by the way. Are you familiar with a British magazine called Fortean Times, based on the work of Ontologist, Charles Fort?

  5. I like your sight site, by the way. Thanks. I enjoy tackling topics in which I have absolutely no qualifications.I am unfamiliar with that magazine.

  6. yeah, me too. I have found, and I'm guessing that you have also discovered this that if one does a bit of research on any single subject there are so many alternative subjects that present themselves, on e may become fairly expert in a short time. I'm always amazed at how little information the average Joe Public has absorbed. Check out Fortean Times, though. You I think will enjoy the voice of that mag. Skeptical observers (mostly) writing about unusual phenomena in a wide variety of fields.

  7. Interesting. They sound like the Yin to Ghost Hunters' Yang.

  8. Yeah, kinda. I think you would like it. PS I have always had a great deal of admiration for Nicola Tesla and his work. True Genius. Sam Clemens was a big fan, too.

  9. Tesla is one of my favorite historical intellects, as he essentially invented the 20th century as we know it. The funny thing is our society has largely forgotten him.I am a student of Computer Engineering, a subset of Electrical Engineering, so that is why I chose the handle.

  10. Two figures loom large in the way we have come to view the "modern" world. Nicola Tesla and Edweard Muybridge. I am reading "River of Shadows" about Muybridge and his times at the moment.

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