Michael White Adobe Plaque

Michael White Adobe

Casa Miguel Blanco


Built about 1845 by Michael White or Miguel Blanco, as he was called by the Native Californians. One of the early foreigners to settle in California: sailor and soldier of fortune; a friendly, carefree man of roving disposition; a colorful and outspoken character.


Born in 1802 in Kent, England; arrived in California in 1828. Traveled widely in Lower California, New Mexico and the gold regions.


Married Maria del Rosario de Guillen, at the San Gabriel Mission in 1831, her mother Dona Eulalia Perez De Guillen was considered one of the most remarkable women of early California history. Serving as a sort of “Mother Superior” at the mission, she reportedly lived to be 108 years of age.


On March 27, 1845, the land upon which the old adobe now stands and adjacent water- bearing lands were granted by Governor Pio Pico to “Miguel Blanco” for services rendered to the mission by his wife and mother-in law. It was not until 1872, however, that the patent to the land was finally issued by Ulysses S. Grant, President of the United States.


Michael White’s dwelling was restored during 1952 by K.L. Carver and a group of public spirited citizens of the San Gabriel Valley.


Erected by San Gabriel Archangel Chapter, Parlor 291

Native Sons of the Golden West  

February 15, 1956

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