The “Early California Outdoor Mural” by Putt Putman

San Gabriel is a town that takes its "Ramona" heritage seriously. They've got a whole Mission District going, which is a great way to spend the day. As you all know, I'm mighty fond of public art, and have a particular soft spot for murals, so here's one more: The Early California Outdoor Mural by Donald "Putt" Putman. According to the plaque: The 72 foot mural depicts life in early California with scenes of native Americans, Francisan padres and senoritas.  It was painted over a period of three months.  Images projected against the wall at night provided the basic outline necessary to complete the painting during the day.  Finished in June 2001, it instantly became a modern day landmark in the  historic San Gabriel Mission District.  Putt Putman was raised in Alhambra, California and has been an artist for most of his life.  He was an instructor at the Los Angeles art Center College of Design for 12 years.  He has produced many significant works of art, including several murals.  Early California is the largest and considered to be his most significant work to date.

He Paints to Please Himself and The Pleasure is Contagious.

Ramona Parlor #109
Native Sons of the Golden West
Ola Addante

June 11, 2005 

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