The Casa Verdugo Restaurant, Part 2

It is an unfortunate fact of Vox that sometimes it is through with you before you are through with it. When we left the enigma of the Casa Verdugo it was with the message that, like many things in LA, it was kind of fake and kind of not.

Over here at the left, we have the side view of what was probably the first real adobe, built by the Sepulvedas. Mrs Sepulveda started out life as a Verdugo, and that's the name that stuck when the restaurant opened. The second adobe, built when the first adobe was razed to make way for more street, was made authentically from adobe block, but it was made to be a restaurant, not somebody's house.

When they built the restaurant the third time, way down the street, it was supposed to be a restaurant, had that Moorish-Spanish look that was what passed for "Mission revival" and then that became someone's house, bringing the Sepulveda's adobe back in a weird kind of circle.

Down below, we've got the latest Casa Verdugo:










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~ by ravenjake on July 29, 2009.

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