Cabot Yerxa Talk at the Hi Desert Museum


My girl, Jane, is giving a little talk up at the Hi-Desert Museum the first Wednesday in June, if y'all like History, you won't want to miss it:

Cabot Yerxa: True Confessions of a Research Addict

Does reading 19th century census records make your heart beat faster? Do yellowed newspaper clippings give you an adrenalin rush? Have you ever screamed while reading and old letter – exchanged between two people you’ve never met? This is the sordid, secret life of a research addict, and it is an incurable condition. Fortunately, there are others who share your passion, and you need not experience the euphoria and disappointment alone.

Jane Pojawa is the archivist/historian for Cabot’s Pueblo Museum in Desert Hot Springs. Her extensive research into the extraordinary life of Cabot Yerxa has made for some fascinating discoveries about one of the Coachella Valley’s earliest pioneers. The greatest challenge of this quest has been to separate legend from fact, and the most effective tool for the job is primary source documents.

In this First Wednesday’s presentation, Pojawa will give an overview of the fascinating life of Cabot Yerxa before addressing some of the stories that surround Cabot Yerxa and his Pueblo, including:

The Eskimo Dictionary
Cabot and the Cabots
Merry Xmas, the super-burro
The Murder Room
Giant Rock and the Flying Saucers

This program will shed light on some little-known aspects of Yerxa’s life and legend, while giving research tips and encouragement to our local historians. The truth is out there – and it might be much stranger than you think!

At the Hi-Desert Nature Museum $5 Donation
Hi-Desert Nature Museum
57090 29 Palms Highway
Yucca Valley, CA 92284

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