Tecopa Hot Springs


As shameful as it is to admit this, I'm a latecomer to Death Valley. But better late than never! And Death Valley has some of the most amazing land features in the world. I was up in Shoshone to film a geology seminar offered by the Shoshone Museum (more on this later) and decided to make a side trip to Tecopa Hot Springs. Here's an interesting fact, folks: the desert isn't always dry.

Case in point: Tecopa: it's a marsh. It also has some first-rate hot springs. Great place to soak. It's about 50 miles north of Baker (if you're driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, you know where that is) and home to some fantastic desert scenery.

I was displeased with our hotel for a number of reasons, so they don't get the Raven Jake endorsement, but I can tell you that the baths are incredible: they don't chlorinate, they replace the water, so you're soaking in nutrients, not poison.


Get outta town a little bit (1000 yards ought to do it), and you can hear the frogs croaking, the dragonflies buzzing, and see critters like this American Avocet out fishin'. It's a peaceful, wonderful spot and a great jumping-off place for more adventure. For more history on the area, be sure to check out the Shoshone Museum about five miles up the road.


















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~ by ravenjake on April 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Tecopa Hot Springs”

  1. How wonderful and fun! I miss the desert. Damnit.

  2. It was fantastic! Not too hot the first day, 70-80F with a standing breeze 10-15mph. Day two was hot and still 85-95F. We met some great folks. A group of guys who have purchased the remaining hard-rock mines (800 acres of amazing desert mountains and fans) which are surrounded by designated wilderness areas. They have filed the papers to preserve their land unspoiled in perpetuity. We are thinking of talking them into creating a learning center there for college and high school students. Did I mention that they also own a property in Tecopa proper that has a potable hot water well that produces 600 gpm, and they are building a private bathouse in the classic roman style, travertine walls etc!

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