An Evening with George Van Tassel



I'm pleased as punch to announce the release of my first DVD, "An Evening with George Van Tassel"

Lloyd Noel brings the legend to life in his acclaimed portrayal of a true California eccentric. From humble beginnings in Jefferson, Ohio, Van Tassel left a life of stability in the aerospace industry to raise his family in the desolate Mojave Desert.

An encounter with alien spacecraft near the world's largest monolith, Giant Rock, propelled Van Tassel to national celebrity. His legacy? The Integratron: a device that, had it ever been completed, promised to recharge the cells of the human body to a state of youthful health.

In this one-man performance piece, Lloyd Noel draws on his historical research to paint a portrait of a complex individual, a man who left behind a career as a flight test engineer for a mystical path following the channeled teachings of inter-dimensional space beings. This documentary alternates between Noel's performance as a time-traveling Van Tassel offering an autobiographical lecture followed by a question-and-answer period and Noel describing his journey as an actor portraying Van Tassel.

The unforgiving California desert was the backdrop for an air field, flying saucer conventions, a meditation center, and the construction of the Integratron in the time span from the 1930s until 1978. Van Tassel's faith, resourcefulness and hard work make this most unlikely of histories a tangible link from the pioneer past to a space age future.

A must-see for history buffs and flying saucer fans alike.

Bonus feature: Lloyd Noel gives a tour of the Morongo Basin Historical Society Museum and Research Center, formerly the Vernette Landers Estate, in Landers, California. The lives of Vernette and Newlin Landers and their numerous contributions to their namesake town are discussed. Vernette's breeding program of Siamese-bobcat hybrids and the historic Landers Post Office are special highlights of this seven-minute segment.

Copies are available on CreateSpace

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