Upcoming Events for February

Hi Folks –

This time of year the desert really comes alive and if any of y'all are in the SoCal desert, February's gonna be a busy month. In no particular order:

The Riverside County Fair and Date Festival is always great. Gotta love those ostrich races. February 13-22. http://www.datefest.org/ Bull-O-Rama is on the 14th and the Blessing of the Dates is on the 13th at 9:30 am.

Artist Peter Toth will be doing repairs to Waokiye in Desert Hot Springs February 3-25 with a special event on February 17 at 5pm with the mayor, Yvonne Parks at the City Council offices on West Drive. http://www.cabotsmuseum.org/ There will also be art demonstrations on the 21st-22nd and an event afterward (on the 21st so everyone can go home and watch the Oscars on Sunday) from 3-5pm. 

The Morongo Basin Historical Society is doing a play to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Willie Boy Manhunt – that's coming up on March 19. And there's always somethin' happening at the Hi-Desert Museum – they're First Wednesdays progams are great http://www.hidesertnaturemuseum.org/index.html

June 6 is Cabot's BBQ bash – it's a fundraiser and tickets are $100 this year. If yer interested in attending, I'll set you up with a board member. Usually there's a great bbq meal, an open bar, a free photograph with "Merry Christmas, Cabot's Donkey" and entertainment. Support the cause!

Don't forget to stop and see the flowers – we've had a lot of rain this year and by the end of the month we should be getting a real show!


~ by ravenjake on February 1, 2009.

One Response to “Upcoming Events for February”

  1. I’ll be back in SoCal this Fall. My buds and I used to always to a bike run to the desert, to see the desert bloom, love it.

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