The Coachella Valley Preseve


The Coachella Valley Preserve, better known as the 1000 Palms Oasis, is one of the better kept secrets of the Coachella Valley. Ostensibly created as the last habitat for the fringe-toed lizard, Uma inornata, a cute little guy who is sadly endangered, the preserve is just that – preserving the desert before developers get to it.

The history of the oasis is just fascinatin' – the Cahuilla had the place for at least 600 years, then they were run off by the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1876. In 1900 it was homesteaded by Albert "Alkali" Thornburg and in 1905 he sold it to Luis Wilhelm for a wagon and two mules. Wilhem made some improvements, but most of them  - including the cabin which is now the visitor's center – were made by his 12th child, Paul (1909-1994), who built some vacation cabins there. Paul was the one who got together with other property owner in the area to create the preserve. It's a great place to spend the day and features lots of hiking trails. There's no camping.

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~ by ravenjake on October 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Coachella Valley Preseve”

  1. cool pics man, great place. I love the desert..been to em in San Diego AZ and LV. Nothing like camping out in the desert..stars, camp fire and the dry air.

  2. You bet! And thanks for your comments. I grew up summers in Desert Hot Springs with my granpa. Kinda makes me sad to see that PS has changed the ecosystem so much with 127 golf courses and counting. As a kid I used to toss meal worms to the bats. Jake

  3. Sure! Oh yeah I know where that is.Have taken plenty a trips several trips to Palm Desert, Palm Springs. Yeah I agree that's too many bro.

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