Indio’s Murals, Part 1

Twentynine Palms isn’t the only town that boasts first-rate murals. Since 1996, the Indio Chamber of Commerce has been using murals to “enhance economic growth and community pride.”This beauty, at the southwest corner of Fargo St. and Civic Center Dr. was painted by Jim Fahnestock and completed on November 4, 2000.

“History of Electricity in the Coachella Valley”

The Coachella Valley’s Developing Agricultural industry created a need for electric services. Substations were located next to cold storage houses, providing power to preserve the Valley’s beautiful produce. In 1943, the Imperial Irrigation District took over the delivery of power to the eastern Coachella Valley. Dedicated I.I.D. workers braved the harsh desert environment to build power lines that would transport precious electricity. Reliable, affordable electricity was instrumental in transforming the desert into the flourishing cities that exist today.

Indios murals, more correctly called the “Indio Chamber of Commerce Historic Mural Project,” have been a bit slower to catch on than in Twentynine Palms but do no less spectacular a job of recording the unique history of this desert town.

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~ by ravenjake on August 11, 2008.

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