The Chemehuevi Burial Ground at 29 Palms

The Indian Burial Grounds at 29 Palms one of the saddest little places I've had occasion to visit. The Oasis of Mara has been occupied by various tribes for about 500 years. The Chemehuevi presence was more recent, they came in during the mid-1800s after a disasterous war with the Mojave and got run off by the Southern Pacific Railroad in the post-Willie Boy period, around 1910. Today the Chemehuevi are mostly in the Parker Dam area, but they're making a comeback – specifically in the form of the Nu-Mu casino that's going in near here in the next year or two. At the turn of the last century, it was estimated that there were about 60 graves here at the burial ground, most of them children. In the wake of the Willie Boy manhunt, two Chemehuevi, Jim and Matilda Pine refused to leave. All of their children were  buried here and they could not bear to part with them.










The burial ground is about 1/2 mile from the oasis.






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~ by ravenjake on July 31, 2008.

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