29 Palms Oasis of Murals

My latest project for Coachella Live 365 TV is the Twentynine Palms' Oasis of Murals. Started in late 1994, a group of concerned citizens and business owners began a project to instill a sense of community pride and to attract tourism to the area. Twentynine Palms is the last stop before Joshua Tree National Park, and is also home to a vast military base, but anybody just passin' through might not be aware of the rich history of the area.

The "History on the Walls" project has been embraced by the community, and every year a couple more murals go up. They decorate the walls of locally owned businesses.

All that being said, the first two murals on the way into town are not "official" chamber of commerce sanctioned pieces of public art. If ya'all have a wall, you can have a mural, and artist Chuck Caplinger painted these two beauties in 2007. These depict a couple of local boys, a roadrunner and a desert iguana, just doing what desert iguanas do: basking and being eaten. While we were there one of them made a mad dash across the parking lot.















Chuck Caplinger's Site: http://www.desertartstudio.com



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~ by ravenjake on July 25, 2008.

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