Strip ‘n’ Slide at CSUSB

The resourceful ladies of the Inland Empire have done it again with another jaw-dropping alternative bellydance showcase. This time the theme was "Strip 'n' Slide" combining 50's-style burlesque with bellydance and well, really anything goes.

I very nearly missed the whole event – no one thought signs were necessary, apparently. But once settled in after half an hour circling the campus, my sense of humor returned to enjoy Dot Toddy's "Clown Interrupted" act.

Next up was Lux La Crois, who looks very much like a young Josephine Baker, and whose tribute to Lawn Jockeys Everywhere was both funny and empowering. Hey Ya – you go, girl! Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

Frederique brought it back old school with an act Little Egypt would've been proud of.


Subee Djinn, Nikki and Ekaterina (aka SuperKate), can always be counted on to push the limits of what bellydance is; well really, what "dance" is. Their tribute to Frankenstein was all slide and no strip and quite unique.

Getting back to classic burlesque, La Cholita did a wild flamenco striptease and Vixen Violette got down to Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive." Charlotte la Belle Araigne'e was straight out of the Moulon Rouge and Renee du Jour brought down the house with her Heidi tribute complete with naughty goat marionettes and "The Lonely Goatherd" from The Sound of Music. Emcee Laura Sutherland kept things lively (and funny) while stagehand Rheo managed an air of subtle insubordination while sweeping up.

A good time was had by all – evidently this is the last "Stiletto" event – one of the organizers, Rachel Lazarus Soto, is moving away. As a guy, I'm all for attractive women taking their clothes off, and I hope someone steps up to fill the void that Rachel's departure will undoubtedly create. Politti Ascroft of Blue Damsel Studios makes a lovely Genie / Jeannie (and don't even get me started on what I would do if I

opened a bottle and Barbara Eden came out – she wouldn't be washing dishes!)

Blue Damsel

La Cholita

Vixen Violette

Charlotte la Belle Araigne'e



Subee Djinn

Renee du Jour

Laura Sutherland

Politti Ashcroft








































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~ by ravenjake on July 24, 2008.

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