Roadside Memorials in DHS Revisited

Jane's turned her photo/research project into a slideshow, but she insists she's still not finished. There are more memorials out there and more research to be done. Be that as it may, I think she's made her point whch is everybody (but most particularily these kids right out of high school) best not be getting loaded and drivin' around. Just stay at the party; there's no rush to be anyplace at 10 at night. When you are driving, please remember that everybody else on the road is smokin' crack/just got their license last week/legally blind and put on your seat belt. Maybe think about gettin' a crash helmet. Again, my condolences to the families of these boys, it is a terrible thing to lose a loved one.

Roadside Memorials in DHS

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~ by ravenjake on July 10, 2008.

One Response to “Roadside Memorials in DHS Revisited”

  1. WOW! I wasn't expecting that! Nice job Jane!:)~

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