Ween Performing “Piss Up A Rope”

Folks, one of my guilty pleasures is Ween’s awesome 1996 country album, “12 Golden Country Greats.” As you can tell from the title, there is something in this song to offend just about everybody, and if that’s you, then I strongly caution you not to click on that play button. The album only has 10 songs, not 12, it isn’t country exactly and none of the songs went “golden” – however there is a weird satirical greatness about it – if your sense of humor runs that way. Here, via someone named Crinos, is Ween performing Piss Up a Rope live with very few heads and cell phones gettin’ in the way.

Ween performing “Piss Up A Rope”


~ by ravenjake on July 8, 2008.

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