Independent’s Week

One of our group members, Amy H, just posted a reminder about Independent's Week, a worthy project for supporting local business over multinational corporations. Spending money in your own community tends to keep money in your own community. I'm put in mind of Northern California's "Eat Locally" campaign that focused on supporting local farmers, with the added benefits that the food tended to be fresher, healthier and cheaper.

See Amy H's blog about Independents Week

Here's the American Business Alliance:

and if you want to track money in your community, this site is the best: warning: this takes time, but is weirdly satisfying. You register your folding money and track where you spend it – the gas station, the market, the strip bar, the babysitter… whatever. When you're given money, you register that and eventually you see who spends money on what (it's on an as-annonymous-as-you-want-to-be basis). I recieved a $5 bill in change when I bought a Guadelupe t-shirt at an art gallery in Santa Fe. That five-spot came from Hawaii and we parted company at a post office in Los Angeles. Good times. That one didn't go local but I was travelin' a lot at the time (and I guess some Hawaiian was too).


~ by ravenjake on June 25, 2008.

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