Johnny Lang’s Skull

Johnny Lang
Johnny Lang Grave

Folks, I recently got a message from Kelly O'Sullivan, the features editor for The Desert Trail/Hi-Desert Star. Kelly covered a story for The Desert Trail in 29 Palms about vandals desecrating Johnny Lang's grave and stealing his skull in 1994. I haven't been able to check with Kelly on the exact date yet; this account by Allison Johnson gives the date as of the unscheduled exhumation as 1983, but a number of articles have been written about Johnny and the resurrection men, so it may be that Kelly wrote about the incident in 1994, but it happened in 1983, or maybe it's a typo. But that doesn't matter – 1983, 1993, 2003 – wrong is wrong. You can't just go around digging up graves and taking skulls without a very compelling reason (I'll get to Phineus Gage in another post). Johnny Lang had a messed up life, a messed up death, and he sure doesn't deserve a messed up afterlife – let the poor guy rest in piece!
Now I imagine that once the booze/wild oats/crazy wore off, some folks were left with a guilty conscience. You know who you are – you're the guy with the skull in his garage or the guy whose friend has a skull candle holder on his nightstand and there's only one way to come right with that – you're going to have to get Johnny back in his grave. I promise that if you send me a confidential message, we'll come up with a way to do the right thing (that won't have you serving time for a felony.) 

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~ by ravenjake on June 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Johnny Lang’s Skull”

  1. Jake, kudos to you for posting this story!

  2. Thanks Kelly!
    Next time you come across your old clippings, send it over and I'll post it. Someone knows where Johnny Lang's head is. Also – anyone else with a "missing miner" please comment.

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