Folks, I was just taking a moment to think back on the Riverside County Fair and Date Festival back in February. Good times, amigos.

One of the highlights was Bull-o-Rama, which features a number of different rodeo events, along with bull riding. The feller at right does some amazing trick roping (as well as excellent horsemanship), and there are a bunch of little people that perform musical and comedy numbers.

Two of these guys have a matador act, where a bull calf gets the better of them. That's some pretty serious stunt work when you consider that they're only about three feet tall. It's ok – neither the calf nor the matadors were injured.

And then, of course, there's the bull riding. Real exciting stuff. I'm glad to see that more riders are wearing protective gear – missing teeth, broken backs and other injuries are common on the rodeo circut, but when you can prevent that kind of thing you should. Live to chew another day. Here's some bull riding excitement:



Bull-o-Rama Video from Trickster’s Dad

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~ by ravenjake on June 19, 2008.

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