Best Place to Play the Didjeree Doo


Sometimes I get asked, "Jake, where's the best place in the Mojave to play the didjeree doo?"* And then they sit back expecting me to say “Joshua Tree.” Nope. Maybe for the company, but not for the acoustics. For the definitive digeree doo playing experience, you must go to the Integratron in Landers. This distinctive dome was built from the ‘50s to the ‘70s by a guy named George Van Tassel. George was into all sorts of esoteric stuff including UFOs, aliens etc, and he purported that this building would have the capability of recharging the human body like a battery. Well, sadly that day never arrived, but thanks to the new owners, the Karl sisters, the dome is once again open to the public. They have all kinds of activities going from soundbaths to astronomy weekends and next up is this RetroUFO convention. The dome has no metal in its construction and the “vibes” are darn near perfect, so of a weekend, grab your didj and head on over.


*In case you were wondering, a digeree doo is an instrument played by the aboriginal tribes of Australia, made from a hollow eucalyptus log. Some folks make ‘em from pvc pipe, some from a yucca stalk. The challenging part is learning circular breathing, but once you’re there, well, there’s nothin’ quite like it.





The Integratron – check hours and availability 






























I know nothing about this guy, Richard Bridge, except that he's a Brit and he shreds on the didj. Here's his YouTube debut:


Richard Bridge Playing the Dig


If you like your didj more old school, this is didjeridoo player Larry 'Winiwini' Gurruwiwi, an extraordinary talent and son of famed didgeridoo craftsman Djalu Gurruwiwi. In north-east Arnhem Land where Larry and Djalu come from, the didgeridoo is known as the 'yirdaki'. You might also sometimes see it spelt 'yidaki'.



Larry ‘Winiwini’ Gurruwiwi plays the dig

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