Cholla Cactus

The cholla (opuntia) is the most ornery of the cactus. At first glance it looks soft and sparkly. Do not be deceived, my friend! Its other name is Jumping Devil and it has a vicious streak a mile wide.



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~ by ravenjake on April 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Cholla Cactus”

  1. Ornery, I love that word. Where did you learn it? Good vocabulary you got there. Love the hats.

  2. Well, Geo Byo, as a storyteller, I've discovered that one can learn a great deal if one is willing to listen, not just wait to talk. Accents intrigue me, how a person speaks tells a lot about them, and as Jake says. "Why a feller'd be plumb crazy not ta listen, if'n there's sompthin' ta learn out there!" So thanks for your comments. Take care. Jake

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