Camel Races at the Riverside County Fair and Date Festival

There's nothing like a camel race to get you going – check out the action at the Riverside County Fair and Date Festival! The Date Festival has been an annual event in the Coachella Valley for about 60 years and camel races have been a feature since the beginning. One of the traditions is to give each of the features a vaguely Middle Eastern-sounding name; for instance, the date queen is always called Queen Schaharazade after the author of the 1001 Nights and there is always a 1001 Nights pagaent which usually involves "Alladin" or one of the other characters in a re-worked musical that has little to do with the original story. If the Date Festival played Aerosmith, it would be a "cover band" not a "tribute band." In this particular instance, the venerable camel race, the jockeys are considered characters in a larger spectical and assume stage names; Mohammad, in green, rode Sahara Sam; Lady Heather, in blue, rode Little Sheba; and Ahab the Arab, in purple, was mounted on Clyde. 

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~ by ravenjake on February 24, 2008.

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