Clowns with Banjos

Folks, a friend of ours, Ranger Mike from the Mitchell Caverns, just checked in. Seems he's got some clown trouble. That's not unusual, as any of you who work with the public know. This fella has an inflatable banjo and a propensity for oversized eyeglasses. He's not dangerous, but he is persistent.

Up in the Providence Mountains, the view is fine and Ranger Mike gives a great cave tour. No matter where you go in this great big world, there are bound to be some clowns (apparently this one plays Bad Boys really fast with a bluegrass edge) squirrely kids and yahoos. But the further you get from the parking lot, the less of them you're likely to encounter. So get out of that parking lot and start up the trail!


~ by ravenjake on January 28, 2008.

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