Skinwalker Hill



What do you see out in the dark,

Just beyond the light

Is it man or beast or something else

A wandering in the night


What’s that peeking in your window

Or scratching at your door

Just and old coyote

Or maybe something more


Folks say strange things still fill the night

Up here where it seems darker

I don’t think it feels so bad

But then, I’m called Skinwalker


Skinwalker Hill was a burial ground

I’ve heard the old ones say

And oft I’ve danced with Ancestral Ghosts

That leave at break of day


I come here mostly in the night

‘Cause no one’s ever ‘round

Sometimes I even howl a bit

Old Wolf, He taught me sounds


There’s magic in this place you see

That I feel inside my bones

Old spirits come to chant and drum

This place is my true home


Being the spawn of a medicine man

And a pretty, gold haired girl

I don’t fit in just anywhere

This hilltop is my world


The folks in town don’t bug me much

I’m a son of Mother Earth

Like wolves and hawks and snakes and such

We’re predators from birth


If you decide to come up here

Be sure to come prepared

Bring offerings for my critters

Or be ready to be scared


It’s a trip you won’t forget, I think

I guarantee a thrill

Come visit Raven Jake Dawes world

Atop Skinwalker Hill




~ by ravenjake on December 31, 2007.

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