Old Mister Rattler


You seem a proud sorta feller Mister Rattler

Dressed up fine like in yer handsome Sunday best

You look  better’n I ever could endeavor

Even in my brand new coat and vest


Mister Rattler, Mama Nature musta really loved you some

To dress you up like that

You blend into the desert

You don’t even need a hat!


Nature even gave you music,

Them maracas that you play

To tell the stumble footed folks

To jes’ plain stay away


Why do people hate you?

Guess they just don’t understand

You got more right to be out here

Than any living man


But with our houses and our highways,

Our big cars and fancy clothes,

We just keep pushing out at you

An that’s just how it goes


Mister Rattler you’re so pretty,

With those diamonds on your back

Seems a goddamn pity,

To put you in this sack


But, Old Boy, I promise,

I will spirit you away

To where the air is clean and clear

And Mother Nature has her way


Far off of the beaten track my friend

There’s a place where rattlers roam

Way out upon the desert,

Where you and me, we got a home




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~ by ravenjake on December 24, 2007.

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